Hydrostatic Pressure Test Cart - H. Lorimer Corporation

Our Portable Pressure Test Carts provide a mobile solution for pressure generation wherever shop air is available. Our systems are designed to be air-driven, non-lube, and can pressurize liquids to up to 80,000 psi, making them ideal for a range of industrial applications.

These units come in both oil and water systems, depending on your specific needs. Our oil systems are capable of pressurizing various fluids, including hydraulic oil, brake fluid, and transmission fluid, while our water systems are ideal for pressurizing water and other fluids. In addition to their exceptional pressure-generating capabilities, our systems are designed to be compact and easy to move, allowing you to use them wherever and whenever you need them.

At Lorimer, we understand that data is critical for ensuring the safe and efficient operation of your equipment. That’s why we offer optional features such as chart recorders and digital data logging with our Portable Pressure Test Carts. These features allow you to monitor and record pressure and flow rates, ensuring that your equipment is operating at the desired pressure and flow levels.